OmniPlan Pro 3.12.1

OmniPlan Pro
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OmniPlan Pro 3.12.1

With OmniPlan, you can create logical, manageable project plans with Gantt charts, schedules, summaries, milestones, and critical paths. Break down the tasks needed to make your project a success, optimize resources, and streamline budgets. It’s project management made painless.

How to get your project done on time and under budget:

  • Translate strategy into tactics everyone can understand
  • Create summaries of work broken into lists of activities
  • Distribute workloads fairly and efficiently
  • Manage costs as you go
  • Plan, monitor, and control it all with software designed to make your job easier, not harder.

What’s New:

Version 3.11.2

  • Image Export — Fixed a bug that could cause group and hammock tasks to draw incorrectly when exporting to PDF, PNG, JPEG, or TIFF.

Version 3.11

  • Dark Mode — OmniPlan now supports system Dark Mode on macOS Mojave. When your Mac’s Appearance is set to Dark in System Preferences, OmniPlan’s interface will automatically switch to Dark Mode. Running OmniPlan in Dark Mode does not affect styles in OmniPlan projects – if you’d like to update your project’s styles to better match Dark Mode, use the Styles View to customize your project’s background and text colors.
  • Network View — Network View’s background color now matches the Project Background Color specified in Styles View.
  • Templates — OmniPlan now includes “Dark” themed variations of the built-in templates.
  • Help — OmniPlan’s Help has been updated with information about working in Dark Mode.
  • Show Scheduling Influences — The appearance of the Show Scheduling Influences popover has been updated.
  • Styles View — We’ve removed the extraneous button for opening the Fonts Windows from the bottom row of Styles View.
  • Change Conflicts — Clicking on the number of conflicts in the Change Tracking bar no longer auto-resolves conflicts.
  • Filters — Fixed a bug editing filter rules for “Focused” filters.
  • Filters — Filter name changes are now saved successfully.
  • Filter Rules — The default size of the filter rules editor is now taller on macOS Mojave.
  • Gantt View — Adding a task no longer causes the area before the project’s start date to flicker in the Gantt.
  • Imports — Clicking Cancel in the Import Column Mapping window now cancels the import (previously, OmniPlan would import the file anyway).
  • Outline — It is no longer possible to lay text out vertically in the outline view.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a child task.



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