WISO steuer: 20019 9.07.1894

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WISO steuer: 20019 9.07.1894

For the tax declaration 2018: WISO tax: – Germany’s popular tax software for the Mac! You can not go wrong.

TOP NEWS for the upcoming tax declaration 2018: WISO tax: – Germany’s popular tax software for the Mac! And the test winner of the MacLife (in the test: WISO tax: Mac 2018, issue 4/2018).

Unique! The tax: automatic takes you a lot of work – what and how much you decide! With tax: import, tax: call and tax: shipping, a large part of your declaration is automatically filled in, without you have to enter something yourself. You check and confirm only the information. And then everything goes immediately digitally to the tax office. Without complicated forms – and even without paper!

This minor update brings back the usual quality of the PDFs of your tax return. And of course all new features of the current version:

income tax
+ Double housekeeping: Capturing family home travel with exceptional walking disability simplified; Input check to family home trips improved
+ Agriculture and Forestry: ELSTER review of pro-rata income adjusted
+ Capital gains: ELSTER audit KAP-INV extended for sales
+ Real Estate: allows negative operating costs (e.g., refunds)
+ Tax assessment: allows the sender to be selected
+ EÜR: ELSTER test System SZ optimized
+ Real Estate: Statements of depreciation improved
+ Study: Notes on percentage distribution in mixed use added
+ tax: Shipping: tax revised for individual investment
+ tax: Call: Automatic query of certificates after data transfer optimized; Setup with buhl: account adjusted
+ VaSt: Manual retrieval of certificates with identity card added
+ Print tax return: PDF scaling optimized
+ Child Leaflets 2019 added
+ ELStam: application for non-assessment updated

salary calculator
+ Vehicle use: new regulation integrated for electric and hybrid vehicles

Revenue surplus account
+ Registration Fees: Allow you to change the ELSTER submission deadline
+ Fixed assets: Calculation of residual book value optimized
+ Disposal of investments: Postings adjusted for differential taxation

+ Conversion rates 04/2019 added



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