Aescripts Malty: Simple Camera Rig 2.2

Aescripts Malty: Simple Camera Rig 2.2
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Aescripts Malty: Simple Camera Rig v2.2 for After Effects MacOS

If you ever struggled with your After Effects 3D camera than this product is for you. Rig your camera in one click, discover secret techniques used by myself and other artists, and start creating beautiful and stunning animations. Efficiently. This is more than just a camera rig. This is a totally new workflow for any size project. It’s the only camera rig you’ll ever need.

Features include:
Fully featured camera rig for easy animation
Advanced depth of field (focus) control
Rig and Camera Speed parameters for automatic moves
Global Settings that work across multiple compositions
Mimic Camera module for easy precomping
Sure Target support
Works great with Element3D
and total creative freedom!


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