StudioLinked Drumma 1.1

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StudioLinked Drumma v1.1 Mac OS X

StudioLinked Drumma is a plug-in virtual battery that comes with 4000 drum samples one take for the modern producer and creator of rhythms, from strong kicks, claps and hi-hats that are common trap music until Snaps style boom BAP and rim shots. It also includes a wide variety of percussion instruments from Africa, Brazil, Cuba and more. The sounds are organized into 14 libraries with a browser that lets you quickly search and organize samples to create your own drum kits. Each kit contains two kicks, two loops, two claps two charles pads, as well as four additional pads percussion, vocals, blocks, stabs, blows and more.

A set of controls lets you adjust each drum separately applying reverb, delay, attack and decay. You can also tune samples and add filtering effects. Tape saturation and a set of four filters emulate the classic modeling drum machines, such as SP-1200. The overall filtering is available to alter the overall output of complement. Mixer page Drumma provides an intuitive interface to set the level and pan position of each sample, and comes with preset mixing settings to start immediately. The software is complemented by a collection of MIDI drum beats presets organized through tempos and popular styles.

Main features:
– Virtual Battery Module with 14 libraries battery trap, boom bap, hip hop, R & B, West Coast, live drums and more
– 4000 drum samples one take
– Percussion Africa, Brazil, Cuba and more
– Each kit contains 2 kicks, 2 snares, 2 claps, 2 hi-hats and 4 Extra pads percussion, voices, crashes, stabbings, beatings and more
– Effect of tape saturation
– Four filter models emulate the classic drum machines
– reverb, delay, phaser, attack, decay and detuning
– full control over adjustment and mixing samples of individual battery alone, silent, tuning or sending samples through filters of high and low pass
– presets MIDI drum rhythm
– The global filter affects the overall production
– Rack library allows you to browse and organize expansion packs
– The library of drums containing a clip single animation, so there is always something moving or visually lights when notes soar.