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Descriptions for Pixel Film Studios – Prostortion

Pixel Film Studios brings you PROSTORTION, the ultimate distortion effect pack for FCPX! Users can add numerous distortion effects to photos, titles, or videos, and customize each effect easily, and within seconds! From liquifying your footage, to refracting your footage and overlaying emitter effects, this Plugin is the ultimate distortion tool!

Web Site: http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/prostortion/
Film Distortion Effects with ProStortion in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Film Distortion Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Over 50 Effect Styles

ProStortion comes with over 50 unique approaches to distortions. From water to noise distortion effects, this plugin has many different starting options to select from! Within each effect lies multiple other settings to get unique looks each and every time!


Professional - Film Distortion Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Stackable and Unique

Multiple effects can be applied to the same footage using ProStortion for FCPX! Each time one effect is overlaid on top of another, a whole new style can be created. Make a firey warehouse have added gas elements, or stylistically show off next fall’s fashion line with unique distorted styles!


Professional - Film Distortion Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Patterns and More!

ProStortion comes with a unique combination of styles including pattern presets and effects. Using a pattern style can have a repeated blanketed effect, or a kaleidoscope spinning style depending on which style is selected!


Professional - Film Distortion Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Designed For FCPX

ProStortion was designed by Pixel Film Studios to work within FCPX. Each and every style is easily applied to the source on the timeline, with on-screen controls included for effect placement ease, and all other controls located within the Inspector Window. Numerous Controls allow for unlimited creativity!