Pixel Film Studios – ProPalette: Color Selection Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Pixel Film Studios ProPalette
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ProPalette – Color Selection Effects in FCPX

ProPalette gives users control over secluding a particular color and making adjustments with in their scene with over 70 presets all with in Final Cut Pro X. Users have the ability to alter the color’s softness, color matte levels, color levels, hue, black and white levels, black and white gradient colorization and more all with a click of a mouse.

Web Site: http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/propalette/

Color Grading with ProPalette in Final Cut Pro X

Color Palette in FCPX

With ProPalette, users now have the ability to seclude colors with in their footage and fully customizing the hue, levels, and more. With ProPalette, users can change the mood of their project by bringing their audience’s attention to a subject matter, or simply make color alterations to their footage all with in a click of a mouse all with in Final Cut Pro X.

Over 90 Effect Presets

ProPalette offers a wide selection of color combinations for all sorts of situations. With ProPalette, users are given over 90 color palette combinations, each preset having it’s own color selection that is fully customizable. Users have the option of selecting a preset with one or more color seclusions by simply clicking on their color palette selection and dragging it on to their footage with in the timeline all with in Final Cut Pro X.

Mix up the Paint

With ProPalette, easy to use published parameters each user can create their own custom colorize look with just a few clicks of a mouse. Users have the ability to alter their color matte levels, color levels, hue skew adjustment, black and white effect opacity, black and white levels, gradient colorize controls, and more. Users can make their media pop in a whole new way all with in Final Cut Pro X.

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

ProPalette was professionally designed to work seamlessly inside of Final Cut Pro X. As a FCPX effect, each ProPalette preset can be dragged and dropped onto the users footage and have instant results. With the published parameters found in the FCPX inspector, users have the ability to make adjustments and generate their own color palette effect with just a few clicks of a mouse.