Digital Anarchy ToonIt 3.0.2

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Finally! An easy way to give your photos the look of cartoon you want. ToonIt! Photo Toonamation uses technology to process your image and create cartoon effects like shadows and lines. This cartoon plugin frees you from the slow techniques like rotoscoping and hand painting.

How the cartoon
ToonIt! analyzes an image, then reduces its color palette and detects where the important edges are. The edges form contours that are used to shape and control areas of color. Voila: You’ve been fired. Create stunning effects that simulate cartoon pencil drawings, etchings, brushes, woodcuts, pen and ink, and more.

ToonIt! Photo 3 Features
ToonIt! Photo is a complement cartoon effects that gives you the ability to convert still images and photographs into unique cartoon creations. ToonIt! It gives you precise control over styles, shading and outlines. ToonIt! The photo will flow your creativity because they all look better as a cartoon. Here are some of the excellent features of this plug -in Adobe Photoshop and Aperture.

Preserve details in faces and figures
ToonIt! The picture is amazing in transforming the details of the human face and form into a believable cartoon. Usually, people are difficult to learn because we know how they should be the facial features and expressions. This is where most cartoon filters crumble. But ToonIt! It makes each person look amazing drawing large and pleasing features on the face and body while maintaining small important details in the eyes and mouth.

Easy Cartoon Effects presets
ToonIt! It establishes a flat appearance with cel shaded with black outlines. Use the Preset Manager complement to customize the effect with cartoon style setting groups and prefabricated effects. We’ve sent a lot of ToonIt! presets for your caricature started quickly, and of course can save your own presets. You can easily create a series of sophisticated styles including cartoon drawings, graphic novels, comic books and pen and ink.

Without masking or rotoscoping hands
Each cartoon effect is generated automatically. There are customizable controls in the supplement, but no manual work is needed to achieve results. ToonIt! Photo creates cartoon effect strokes combining natural lines with shaded colors. Caricature software keeps you feeling expression of your subject even though the face has been reduced to a few colors and lines.

Cartoon of a series of photos or graphic novel
A series of what? Well, anything. Take multiple pictures of your family and create a series of portraits. Put different action moves together and make a photo album of her son for his mother. Offer a comic or graphic novel as special treatment for a client … or just make cartoons for his mother.