ADP Luminosity Mask Panel Pro 3.1

ADP Luminosity Mask Panel Pro
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Descriptions for ADP Luminosity Mask Panel Pro 3.1

ADP Luminosity Mask Pro v3.1 Panel | Photoshop CC 2014 – 2018 CC

A complete and innovative Luminosity Mask panel designed in a compact, user – friendly design. ADP Pro v3 has been designed to provide all the power of luminosity masks and more. Whether you want to take full tonal control over your images or create stunning monochrome images, apply color adjustments powerful or enhance images with a control without representation, you can not go from ADP Pro v3. If you are a beginner luminosity masks or if you are an advanced user, the ADP Pro v3 tools have been created to create their masks simply and quickly with all the tools you need adjustment.

ADP Pro v3 includes the following panels:
Luminosity Layers With
Quick Mask Masks Luminosity
Heat Map Tonal Selections
Apply, Adjust, Replace (Image and Mask View)
Subtraction Masks
Channel Masks
Automated Blending Blending & Undo
Auto Adjustments
Dodge & Burn
Create Your Own
Color FX
Mono FX