Readiris 16

Readiris Pro 16.0.0

, Application, Productivity

Description Name: Readiris for Mac Version: 16.0.0 Release Date: 10 Nov 2016 Mac Platform: Intel OS version:OS X 10.9 or later Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit Web Site: Overview: Readiris is the most powerful…

File Juicer 4

File Juicer 4.50

, Application, Productivity

File Juicer is a drag-and-drop can opener and data archaeologist. Its specialty is to find and extract images, video, audio, or text from files

Lingon X 4

Lingon X 4.3

, Application, Utilities

Lingon X 4 is based on the great Lingon 3 and extends it with new features like running jobs as root and at multiple dates

Voxengo Drumformer

Voxengo Drumformer 1.5

, Application, Music

Drumformer is a multiband drum and master track dynamics processing AU and VST plugin for professional music and audio production applications

Tritik tkDelay

Tritik tkDelay 1.4.1

, Application, Music

TkDelay is a versatile delay audio plugin. From classic delays to experimental sounds, tkDelay will accompany your needs and creativity

Guda Drumr Audio

GuDa Audio DrumR 2.2

, Application, Music

DrumR is a versatile yet easy drum synth. DrumR is to a drum kit what KickR is to a kick. Mixer section with two group channels with distortion

Resolume Arena

Resolume Arena 5.1.2 macOS

, Application, Music

We’re proud to present to you: Resolume Arena 5.0. This new major release focusses on video mapping in Arena. It brings zooming. Undo/redo. Slice masking