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iMac Cleaner

iMac Cleaner 2.3

, Application, Utilities

iMac Cleaner let’s you safely scan and clean up your entire Mac system, delete junk files and duplicate files, reduce the size of iPhoto library


IINA 1.0.3

, Application, Video

IINA is the modern video player for macOS. IINA is the modern video player for macOS. For and only for modern macOS – IINA is born to be a modern


Chameleon 0.9

, Application, Utilities

Chameleon is a small app that brings these settings to your menu bar, making it much easier to customize your UI at any time. With this app, you can change

Voxengo GlissEQ

Voxengo GlissEQ v3.10

, Application, Music

GlissEQ is a parametric equalizer plug-in for professional music production applications. The most interesting and unique feature of GlissEQ is the dynamic


InstaCal 1.7.1

, Application, Utilities

InstaCal is an affordable, yet powerful calendar app that puts all your events right at your fingertips, always available in your Mac’s menu bar.


AutoCrypt 2.4.1

, Application, Utilities

AutoCrypt, is an encryption/decryption app with a document-based approach. AutoCrypt, is an encryption/decryption app with a document-based approach


MarsEdit 4.3

, Application, Developer Tools

MarsEdit is a blog editor for OS X that makes editing your blog like writing email, with spell-checking, drafts, multiple windows, and even

Principle 2

Principle 5.6

, Application, Graphics & Design

Principle makes it easy to create animated and interactive user interface designs. Whether you’re designing the flow of a multi-screen app, or new interactions

Rumpus 8

Rumpus Pro 8.2.2

, Application, Utilities

Rumpus is not only lightning quick, but it’s efficient, too. This means that FTP and Web users will be able to transfer and manage files as fast as


Trickster 3.0

, Application, Utilities

Trickster (was Blast) is a productivity booster application that places all recently used files at user’s fingertips, providing him with a fast


Airfoil 5.8.4

, Application, Utilities

With Airfoil you can take audio from any application and send to your AirPort Express units, as well as Apple TVs, and even other Macs and PCs running Airfoil

Smultron 9

Smultron 11.2.1

, Application

Smultron 11 is the text editor for all of us. Smultron is powerful and confident without being complicated. Its elegance and simplicity helps everyone

Rocket Typist Pro

Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.2

, Application, Utilities

Rocket Typist is a modern Mac application, created with simplicity in mind. During a regular day, most of us type the same text over and over again, wasting

AudioFinder 6

AudioFinder 5.9.25

, Application, Music

AudioFinder is an audio asset management system and music production hub. It gathers all the most useful tools in one quick and intuitive application, enabling