Plugin Alliance DS Audio THORN v1.2.0

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Plugin Alliance DS Audio THORN v1.2.0

Thorn was created to provide a great tool for the production of modern electronic music. The main objective was to develop a software synthesizer premier, who knows everything about the process of creating modern, bright, agile and aggressive sounds. Simplicity, flexibility and efficiency are the key principles of Thorn. Just do a brief tour through carefully crafted sound library provided by Thorn (more than 600 presets!). We hope that contains many sounds you might want to put in your mixture right away.

The engine sound Thorn is based on spectral Synthesis method that gives control over the harmonics involved in a process of forming a final buzzer. Three harmonic oscillators with an additional harmonic filter cover all needs to produce a wide range of modern sounds.

Two multimode filters with analog modeling a feedback path with zero delay to load the sound and make it shine through the mixture. Analog can be used envelopes, LFO and envelopes several stages to modulate any desired internal parameter.

A set of 9 high quality effects polish your sound and give life. In order to provide more fun, DS Audio Glitch implemented a sequencer based on patterns in Thorn. Today, the effects of failure become an essential part of many genres of electronic music and we hope you find the module Glitch very inspiring.
Have fun with Thorn!

Motor additive synthesis with spectral effects, harmonic filtering and support FM, RM, PWM, Hard Sync
Analogue filters sensitive stages modeled internal saturation.
3x ADSR, LFO 3x, 2x multi – stage envelopes
9 high quality effects
Sequencer Glitch
noise oscillator with playback function shows WAV

AU Plug-In 64-bit patched