Pixel Film Studios – ProFire Volume 1 – Professional Fire Composites for Final Cut Pro X

Pixel film studios profire volume 1 fire composites for fcpx
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Descriptions for Pixel Film Studios – ProFire Volume 1

Want to add some roaring flame effects to your next film? With PROFIRE from Pixel Film Studios you can quickly and safely add fire effects to your next Final Cut Pro X project without burning down your studio. With 25 ProRes fire composites and a Final Cut Pro X Blending Tool, you can create some hot styles in your next film.

Web Site: http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/profire-volume-1/

Composites & Elements with ProFire: Volume 1 in Final Cut Pro X

Start Burning Film in FCPX

Fire can create many unique looks on film. Use it as a physical portrayal of how your character is feeling, or even use it to create the illusion that the film reel is actually burning, or simply use the fire as a cool effect in a music video or demo reel. The options are endless. Compositing fire ontop of your footage is a great way to create many styles.

Change the Way Fire Works
With the PROFIRE Blending Tool, you can change the look of your fire completely inside of Final Cut Pro X. Drag and drop the tool on top of your composite footage and easily change the color, size, blur, and position of your fire. Want to get more advanced? You can stack, compound and blend multiple PROFIRE clips to create unique, dense fire elements.

Our Set Is on Fire
No really… It was. After experimenting with numerous techniques for creating large sustainable flames, the team at Pixel Film Studios came up several unique ways to capture fire on film, so that you don’t have to. We do not recommend trying this at home!

Pixel Film Studios dangerously and meticulously created these explosive fire elements to work directly with FCPX. PROFIRE can help you create energetic styles and themes in your next Final Cut Pro X project in the click of a button. Simply drag and drop one of the fire techniques ontop of your clips and turn up the heat.